Monday, June 13, 2005

The Rich, the Poor and the free market...

There's a good article on the Christian Science Monitor:

Rich-poor gap gaining attention
A remark by Greenspan symbolizes concern that wealth disparities may destabilize the economy.

Give it a read...



Marcus Maximus said...

I think the majority of the American public just is not politically aware enough to care about the travesties which go on in other countries.

In defense of the administration, Condi Rice made a public statement against the Uzbeks; the Uzbeks then restricted landing privledges at our base there.

I'm affraid that these are not simple "all or nothing" matters. Our base in Uzbekistan is important to the effort in Afghanistan. Therefore, we are hesitant to cry too loudly about human rights violations there. This is no different than the way we ignore human rights violoations in Saudi Arabia.

What is the answer? If we did not depend on foreign oil or care about Israel as a nation, would we even care at all?

Anonymous said...

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