Monday, September 26, 2005

How can this be rational?

Deficits are approaching 5% of GDP... where even supply-siders start worrying about deficits and their effect on the economy.
What is going on with my government?
We have a political party:
1- paying for the war and reconstruction in Iraq
2- paying for Katrina reconstruction
3- passing pork-barrel legislation (like the highway bill and the energy bill and the prescription drug benefit ... all FILLED with special interest subsidies like $200 million for bridges to no-where in Alaska)
4- proposing tax cuts for the richest 1% of our society...
... all of this is to be paid by borrowing money from the Chinese -- so that our kids have to pay for it, with interest.
How is this conservative, reasonable or even rational?!
The proposed estate-tax cut would account for $300 billion alone? Can't we ask those who have benefited the most from our markets to pay more? No one is asking them to go into the poor house, or even mortgage the farm...
If Americans want all these 'services' out of their government (strong military, government assistance to the poor, etc.), should we be honest and at least pay for the government we want instead of passing the buck to the next generation? Either that or have the backbone to say 'no you can't have that'?

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Intellectual Insurgent said...

A Republican recently gave me the "Freedom isn't free" line. My response was that cliches like that sound really pretty and might help you sleep at night, but if it isn't free, from whose account should be payment be debited? According to Republicans, it shouldn't be theirs.

Accepting their arguments, everyone should pay for "freedom" except for corporations, rich people, old people, and those who inherit stuff from their parents.

To answer your question, it is the middle class hanging by a thread and poor people who don't have a pot to piss in who will pay for Katrina, Iraq and all the other follies. They will pay with their dead kids, stolen pensions, higher gas prices and pathetic paychecks. Welcome to America. Would you like fries with that?