Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The All-Spin Zone!

If you're a fan of the Daily Show it looks like the spin-off, "The Colbert Report", is gonna be just as hilarious -- while pointing a stick in the eye of the likes of Bill O'Reilly and his kind.
The article is on Salon... I've extracted a few bits.
"The Colbert Report" [...] is an extended play on the fact that, in the age of "The Daily Show" or "Hardball" [...], not only can't people differentiate between real news and slanted, self-serving blather, they can't distinguish between real journalists and those who play journalists on TV. If the guy's name is flashing all over the place, he must be important.

In keeping with this trend, Colbert's name is scattered all over the set -- [...] During the opening credits, an eagle flies around his head, and words flash across the screen: "POWERFUL," "COURAGEOUS," "EXCEPTIONAL," and also "DOMINEERING," "RELENTLESS," "GRIPPY." Yes, you read that right: Grippy. Soon, Colbert tells us about his own personal brand of no-nonsense, hard-hitting ... well, nonsense. Somewhere out there, Bill O'Reilly is fidgeting and twitching like the villain whose voodoo doll just took a thumb tack to the forehead.

In a nice play on O'Reilly's "No-Spin Zone" foolishness, Colbert wants us to know that even though his name is all over the place, the show isn't all about him. "No, this program is dedicated to you, the heroes!" he bellows. "And who are the heroes? The people who watch this show -- average, hardworking Americans. You're not the elites, you're not the country club crowd. I know for a fact that my country club would never let you in. But you get it! And you come from a long line of it-getters!"

Immediately, Colbert has his finger on the throbbing pulse of right-wing punditry, the dexterity with which they pander to the working class without getting any mud on their Italian wing-tip loafers. "On this show, your voice will be heard," Colbert reassures us, "in the form of my voice."

We need more of this stuff. One way to take the wind out of the sails of these self-appointed conservative crusaders (like O'Reilly) is to use satire to show what they really are.



Intellectual Insurgent said...

I watched the premiere episode last night and it was good. The end where he does the headline battle against Stone Phillips was priceless.

How did we end up blogging on similar topics today? Mine's about the Daily Show. :-)

Reign of Reason said...

Yeah, I was browsing Salon and read the article on the new show.

I missed it debut... but hopefully it'll be re-broadcast so I can Tivo it...

Intellectual Insurgent said...

Actually, it should be on at 8:30 tonight. Comedy Central airs re-runs of the previous night's Daily Show at 8:00 and I believe they will have a re-run of last night's Colbert Report at 8:30.