Monday, October 03, 2005

Delay defended...

Just got through reading David Frum's blog on the National Review online... along with a piece in the Wash Post.

What passes for political analysis is really just partisan spin. David Frum tries to point out that "The corporations that forked over the cash to DeLay's PAC did so not because their hearts were filled with affection for those particular Texas legislative candidates but because they recognized DeLay's power over federal legislation." (Italics addes.)

But next comes the asinine part:

"The case against DeLay charges that he conspired with corporations to help them circumvent this law by routing the money through political action committees he controlled. But as Dionne [WashPost] acknowledges, the corporations in question did not care about Texas politics. They wanted to give to DeLay's political action committees, which was perfectly legal."

Come 'on!

Of course: most of these corporations didn't give a rat's-ass about TX politics... What they DO give a hoot about was maintaining a Republican majority in congress... A majority controlled by The Hammer... Could that be the purpose behind supporting the election of Republican representatives not from your state? Of course!!

If this spinner (Frum) successfully passes himself off as a political analysts we're in more trouble than I originally though.

Think people! Think!

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Intellectual Insurgent said...


We are in trouble for SO many other reasons! Let's see how the ID trial and the latest Dumbdumb Supreme Court nominee turn out. Then we can lament about impending doom.