Monday, October 17, 2005

A faultering image...

The president held a supposedly 'impromptu' chat with troops in Tikrit that was actually (surprise surprise) a staged  propaganda event. We don't even have to speculate about this fact since the Pentagon inadvertently transmitted (by satellite) footage of the dress rehearsal to major media outlets, who, for once, pointed the finger at this administration and called bull-shit.
Should we be surprised? No... this administration has managed it's image with PR firm like efficiency. Should we be outraged? Of course!
Check out the audio story/transcript at On The Media.
This weekend we got a rare look at how low they will sink and how little their regard for the principle of democracy.
As I've pointed out before, a democracy is founded on informed consent of the governed. This administration not only doesn't understand that, they have contempt for us, the governed. In their view, we can't be trusted with actual information -- our expectations and reactions must be actively managed.
All administrations do this of course. What's amazing is the degree to which this administration will stoop -- especially on issues of substance. Staging a question and answer session with our soldiers is only the latest 'red light' flashing in the face of the public.

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