Monday, October 24, 2005

Today's Republicans - Morally bankrupt

For all their talk about morality and responsibility, I find our current crop of Republican legislators completely morally bankrupt...
Our "conservative Republican" leaders not only push pork through the Congress, but defend it even in the face of 'real need'. This is the real moral deficit in the country today.
Take Senator Steven's, from Alaska -- How can he sleep at night?
He sponsored and pushed through ~$400 MILLION worth of Pork in the form of two bridges to nowhere (the communities they serve have less than 100 people between them). The icing on the cake: he considers re-directing those funds to LA reconstruction as 'unconscionable'.

From the CSMonitor article:

In a rare display of intraparty passions, the fight transformed the staid Senate floor into a rhetorical shooting gallery last week, as freshman Sen. Tom Coburn (R) of Oklahoma took on one of the Senate's most powerful chairmen over the now-infamous "bridge to nowhere."

"We need to wake up.... No more low-priority projects in the face of half-trillion-dollar deficits. No more exorbitant bridges to nowhere," he said, referring to $453 million earmarked for two Alaskan bridges added to the highway bill by that state's senior senator, Ted Stevens. Senator Coburn proposed redirecting those funds to repair bridges in Louisiana destroyed by hurricane Katrina.

In a response laced with shouts, Senator Stevens denounced the Coburn amendment as a threat to state sovereignty. "This amendment is an offense to me.... It is a threat to every person in my state," he said. The amendment failed 15-82.

No sir: YOU are an offense... and offense to the idea of sane government.

At the same time House Republicans are still pushing for more tax cuts.

What is it gonna take for the American people to wake up and throw these people out of our government?

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