Monday, October 24, 2005

Why God?

A friend at work pointed me at a good show that's currently airing on PBS: The Questions of God.
The series is based on the perspectives of Freud and CS Lewis -- an atheist and a believer.
My understanding is that the show uses a round-table forum of a cross-section of society to argue the perspectives of each man.  Both Freud and Lewis agreed that reason was central to the defense of their world-view... but they came to opposite answers as to what is "true".
I am very curious to hear Lewis' defense of the Christian faith. While I like the majority of the teachings of Jesus -- that doesn't make him the 'son of god'.
Most-all theologians agree that that faith entails a belief 'beyond the facts' . My question then is "which leap do you take?": Islamic, Hindu, Christian or any number of other 'revealed' religions? They all claim the same footing: divine revelation of "truth" ...

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