Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Yeah, it's a cheap shot but it is soooooo true.

The conservatives still decry liberal intellectualism... But aren't these the guys who planned a war strategy using a bunch of guys from a Washington think-tank? ... and didn't all of those predictions and assessments turn out to be wrong?

Maybe we need to get some real intellectuals back in government. Not the kind that substitute faith for fact and belief for reason.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

To be in a cult requires that you be brainwashed to disbelieve EVERYONE who is not a member of the cult. Remind me please - how are the Republicans different from Scientology?

Reign of Reason said...


Actually, when you think about it – it becomes scary.

To any sane person, the tenets of scientology seem completely beyond the pale… but I guess if you are slowly indoctrinated you come to believe in all the craziness (thatens, aliens, etc.).

I see the parallel with neo-conservatism: Just start an otherwise sane person suckling at the conservative teet… and wean them onto neo-conservatism. I would think this would be a long process.

Unless, of course, if the people you start with are idiots – I’m sure our current leaders were sold from the get-go.