Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Real Homeland Security

The administration and Republicans have the reputation of being strong on national defense. I think rational people believe that spending<$200 BILLION on Iraq is, at best, a HUGE gamble: it may help stabilize the region in the long run, but right now our actions there have only stirred up more anti-Americanism throughout the world.

If found this picture that was published by the NY Times (approximately a year ago). Check it out…

Seems to me that if WMD in the hands of terrorists was a real concern we’d be actively trying to secure the huge amounts of weapons grade material floating around the former Soviet states.

As far as homeland security: doesn’t it make sense to put serious money into port and other ‘critical infrastructure’ security?

How about boarder security? That would seem to be an important issue for the federal government to deal with?

If we had spent a fraction of the money spent in Iraq here at home we could have real security instead of dead soldiers and a 'hope' for a more stable Middle East.

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Adrianne said...

I love how this administration has created a false fear in the hopes of manipulating us, and uniting us. Their attempts have failed. Do they really think we are that stupid?
And let's be realistic the real threat in this country is HEART DISEASE!!!! I am so exhausted with hearing "the war on terror" no there should be a "war on heart disease". Oh and have you seen the BBC documentary "Power of Nightmares" it is really great.