Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Delay - What it takes to be a 'successful' politician

A Texas judge upheld a felony indictment of former House majority leader Tom DeLay on charges of money laundering in connection with the Texas election in 2002. The judge through out the conspiracy charge, the Washington Post reports.

What's more disturbing is that the direct result of (illegally) funneling money to Texas Republicans resulted in the Republican majority in the Texas house. If convicted, that means the Texas state-house Republicans who redrew district lines to help cement the Congressional Republican majority did so as a result of criminal activity... not to mention that redistricting, itself, was illegal:
DeLay has already acknowledged, in public statements and in an interview with the Texas prosecutor, that the funds at issue were raised to help Republicans gain control of the Texas House and oversee the legislature's redrawing of Texas congressional districts. The aim of this effort was to favor the election of more Republicans to Congress, and it succeeded: Five more Republicans were elected from Texas in 2004, cementing the party's control of Congress.

Career attorneys at the Justice Department, in a decision reached in 2003 that came to light only last week, concluded that the new map of congressional districts that DeLay and his aides drew had illegally discriminated against minorities for partisan political reasons. But political appointees at the department overruled this finding, and certified that the map could stand.

So, once this crumb has been thrown in jail, how do we repair the damage done to the state, and nation, as a result of this guy's influence-for-sale style of governance?

It still amazes me that people voted for Tom Delay: a politician who brazenly flashes his little black book of donors in potential lobbyist faces: "What, you also give to a Democrat! Don't come here..."

I guess you can do just about anything you want as long as you follow it with a hearty 'praise Jesus!!'.

After all, voters in this state just determined that is was vitally important to make sure the state Constitution formally prohibits Texas from giving any rights to the two guys that have lived together for 20 years.

Where are our priorities?

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