Thursday, December 08, 2005

The reason-value divide

The debate in this country has got to begin to change.  We exhausted the usefulness of reciting the ever-increasing litany of offenses of our "leaders".  There may be a few odd signs of cracks appearing in the neocons' armor lately, but the rabid right still foams at the mouth as much as ever, despite revelations, despite indictments. 
I don't hold a lot of hope that new reports of outrages and incompetence are going to change that much.  If reports came out tomorrow confirming that W has been having barbecues on the back lawn of the White House, roasting Muslim children and eating them, it's only slightly worse than what he and his puppet-masters are already known to have done.  The knowledge of this administration's LONG list of failings is public knowledge.  Why isn't the country united in ousting these miserable SOB's?  Thirty years ago, the country woke up and ousted Nixon for lesser offenses than this gang of petty thugs.  A Democratic-led Senate seriously investigated the allegations against him, and the press dug for the facts energetically. 
Today's responses by both are far less, for far worse crimes.  In part it's a reflection of the stranglehold corporate money and conservative interests have on the government and the media these days, but that doesn't explain everything.  There are millions of ordinary people out there who cling to an ideology and a narrow set of "values" at all costs.  Is there now a cultural divide in this country that has become so wide it can no longer be bridged?  Have Blue and Red become as incompatible as Blue and Grey were a hundred-fifty years ago?

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