Thursday, December 22, 2005

Unanswer Man

Unanswer Man

Think about it: we (supposedly) live in a free and open society -- where the leaders govern by consent of the governed... How can you do that when we know so little about how this government operates? Thankfully, the leaks are coming faster: everything from Plame to executive orders to spy on American citizens.

Our leader takes pride in the fact that he heads one of the most secretive governments of the modern era:

"I want to especially thank Scotty," the president said, looking at his aide. "I want to thank Scotty for saying" -- and he paused for effect. . . .

" Nothing ."

At which point everyone laughed and the president left the room.

This is one of those quips that distill a certain essence of the game. In this era of on-message orthodoxy, the republic has evolved to where the leader of the free world can praise his most visible spokesman for saying nothing.

And not just on matters related to security policy... but on everything: from energy policy to the environment -- all we get is double-speak and on-message rhetoric.

How I long for the days when we had a real, intelligent leader: Clinton may have been politically slick, but at least he operated openly -- with public commissions to study everything from health care to the environment. He knew how to compromise to get things done.

This president knows just barely more than nothing...

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Stalin the Shark said...

Ah, but we did have an 'accountability moment' last November. That statement tells you everything you need to know about Dear Leader.

:-), StS