Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Americans - Pit Bulls of the World

I actually debated using "Pit Bull" in the title of this post. I just adopted a stray Pit Bull that I found on the highway on the way back from a Xmas party. Great little guy... and friendly as all get-out...

But on to today's topic.

What is it about American's that makes them spoil for a fight? Even if the only threat is mostly imaginary? It’s kinda like taking the threat from your pissed off 7 year old seriously.

Do the majority of us just have it too easy? It seems a lot of Americans just need something to fear... (Dear Leader and the pugs pander to that need perfectly). Whether it’s the war on drugs, the war on terror or the cold war (a real threat) its somehow become part of the national psyche: “somebody is out to get us”… “we gotta fight!”

Of course, there is always someone out there who would like to “get us” – but most of the time its restricted to a small group of loonies that can only occasionally cause real harm. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to stop the next Tim McVeigh. Not in a free society.

But that doesn’t stop your average wing-nut in the red-states… You know the type: The die-hard NRA member sitting in his mobile home – rifle across his lap – in the middle of the American out-back – worried about the terrorist getting ready to explode a dirty bomb in his ‘neighborhood’. “We gotta take the fight to these guys!!”
Next thing you know, we’re dragging journalists out of their homes half-a-world away to ‘protect’ Gomer and his homestead in the Wyoming wilderness. (Ok, a bit heavy on the stereo-types but you get the idea.)

Get real people. No one is coming to get you… 99.9% of you anyway.

BTW, these people that foam at the mouth when you talk about the war on terror: “we gotta track ‘em down and kill em!!” – ask them what they have done for the “war effort” besides putting a magnetic sticker on the back of their gas-guzzling SUV that says "I support the troops".

The answer is usually silence…

I think these folks watch too much TV. They all want their lives to be like something they see on a HBO mini-series. The first step is identifying the evil guy that wants to take over the world. Once you name him (terrorists!!), god-fearing American’s have to stand up to him!

Forget that the cure is worst than the disease.

I honestly don’t think many of these folks who are all up-in-arms about terrorism would actually know how to live a nice, peaceful life. Somehow their self-worth and purpose has been wrapped up in a cosmic struggle of good-vs-evil.

The fact that such a struggle really doesn’t exist doesn’t deter them. They’ll just make it up as they go…


mrsleep said...

It's a chip on the shoulder thing. Gun owners like to be scared anyway, it helps justify why they need guns to protect themselves.

There are terror alerts, AIDS, the depravity of Women's Liberation, Gay Marriage will destroy our society. Unions, Eco-Nazi's, etc.

It's all organized to rile us up to find scapegoats for our problems.

ROR, I visit your Blog probably once a week. Don't always post, but an avid reader.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

Can you imagine living in a town where the only things to do are tip cows, hunt deer, drink beer and have sex? Those people need terrorism or they would have nothing to think about. Those people need terrorism because they need an excuse to justify their racism. These people need terrorism so that their pathetic, I-wouldn't-even-stop-in-it-to-take a-shit-town will be profiled on the news when 10 of their kids get killed in Iraq.

Without the war, they would have to live with the painful realization that they are the loser, worthless, dead weight of the nation.

Crankyboy said...

It all stems from being bullied in school. Everyone wants payback. Personally I think people are just so stressed out from lack of sex. You rarely see fist fights at an orgy. Think about it.

Reign of Reason said...

Damn II... harsh, but right on the mark (as usual).

CB - that's why the Islamist nut-cases are always so willing to kill themselves for the cause... Not to mention all the NRA nuts out there: if you can't fuck, you fight.

Capt. Fogg said...

I agree that creating a straw man enemy benefits tyrants but I also have to say that there is a lot of convenient fantasizing going on here regarding the emptiness of people who don't live in cities, the sex lives of people who own firearms, etc. It smells of Urban Bigotry and it makes as much sense as insisting that people who have Bull Terriers dream about ripping your throat out.

Creative people do a lot of creating way out in the country. Thoreau lived in a little cabin like Ted Kasczinski; Mohandas K. Gandhi had no sex life. John Kerry, like the Prince of Wales owns a shotgun and sometimes a dog is just a dog.

Reign of Reason said...

True... a bit of hyperbole to get the idea across.

But I think StS’ blue-red map from the last election does show that rural folks bought into the whole fear/terrorism thing more than the folks in the big-cities... That the picture I was trying to paint.

That and the rural folks were terrified of the idea of two boys kissing.

Capt. Fogg said...

The ignorance belt and the Bible belt seem to be congruent with the Bush belt, it's true.

Even so, everbody seems to be capitalizing on fear and marketing terror. Whether it's MADD or any of the people who pass draconian laws in the face of declining crime rates. The wealthy and the not so wealthy are irrationally afraid of Socialism, but so are those who benefit from it. People are convinced that these are dangerous times even though this may be the safest time to live in America - ever. God's going to send another flood, Teletubbies will turn your kids gay - everybody's afraid. and there's always someone out there to make a buck on it, to spread more of it and use it to aquire power.

I think the oldest profession isn't the prostitute - it's the fear mongering shaman.

Reign of Reason said...

And my point is the corollary: when things are going relatively well, people seem to need something to fear... and are all the more ready to buy into all this crap.

Karl Rove and his clan played this psychological glitch to the hilt --