Friday, January 27, 2006

US audit finds 'spectacular' waste of funds in Iraq |

US audit finds 'spectacular' waste of funds in Iraq |

How much more poor management, poor leadership and plain old irresponsibility do we have to tolerate before something is done?

Remember --
Cheney: "We'll be welcomed as liberators."
Cheney: "The insurgency is in its last throws."
Rumsfeld: "Looting happens."
Rumsfeld: "Several hundred thousands troops aren't necessary to secure Iraq."
Natsios (administrator of the Agency for International Development, the lead agency that is responsible for rebuilding the infrastructure of Iraq): "the American part of this will be 1.7 billion"

Why aren't ANY of these people held responsible for their disastrous mistakes?

While our military pays in lives and our populace pays in $$$ our leaders blindly go about mis-managing this nation into a geopolitical and financial hole that will take 20 years to climb out of...

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