Thursday, January 12, 2006

Waging a War We Could Be Proud Of - New York Times

Waging a War We Could Be Proud Of - New York Times

How come our Dear Leader can claim the moral high ground? He's directly responsible for 10's of thousands of Iraqi and coalition deaths... Yet he claims a "deep faith" based in the teachings of Christ. Didn't that guy talk about 'turning the other cheek'?

Kristof's op/ed indirectly points to this hypocrisy without calling the president on it:

If President Bush took on global poverty in a major way, I think the American people would sign on enthusiastically. And Laura Bush, who has shown an interest in women in the developing world, could greatly assist. Just as John Kennedy bolstered America's image in the world when he started the Peace Corps and the Alliance for Progress, we could restore luster to our reputation around the globe.

What we need is leadership. Mr. Bush would do wonders for his legacy - and, above all, wonders for the poor - if he'd summon the moral vision to launch a high-profile Global War on Poverty. That is one American-backed war that nearly all the world would thunderously applaud.

I don't know if a Global War on Poverty would actually do any good -- especially under this inept administration. However our tax dollars would be going toward a 'Christian' endeavor that, at least, would bolster our image around the globe.

But helping those less fortunate doesn't help you at the polls: the poor don't vote -- especially the foreign poor. American's will always vote for the tough talking, swaggering politician. Bravado is what we want -- and it's about all we get... at least lately.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

Helping those less fortunate doesn't help at the polls, but kicking them in the teeth just for kicks gets you elected twice. And, they are the ones who vote to re-elect you.

A poor person who votes for GW deserves to be poor.

Reign of Reason said...

Ain't that the truth...

Amazing how a twisted picture of the self can convince people to vote against their own best interests.