Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cowardly Lions - Congress talks tough to Gonzales—and then turns and runs. By Emily Bazelon

Cowardly Lions - Congress talks tough to Gonzales—and then turns and runs. By Emily Bazelon: "'This is really not a good way to begin these hearings,' Senate judiciary committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., sighed this morning, only a few minutes after he opened them. Specter was talking about the kerfuffle over whether to swear in Attorney General Alberto Gonzales before his testimony. But he could have been talking about the parameters he had agreed to for the hearing: No witnesses other than Gonzales. No new details of the National Security Agency spying program that the committee was supposed to be inquiring about. No request for the Justice Department's internal legal memorandums about the legality of the NSA program.

Given the box Specter constructed for the hearings, what could be learned from them? Actually, the day was pretty instructive, not on the topics of spying or national security, but on the bizarre embrace into which the legislature and the executive have locked themselves since Sept. 11. Congress claims that it wants to exercise its war powers and help set rules for NSA spying—but in fact it's afraid to, for fear of appearing to undermine the president."

Do we live in a democracy or what? The premise of our government is that we're supposed to openly debate government's actions.

Please don't give me the national security rhetoric either... Spying on American citizens without a warrent is in direct opposition to the 4th Amendment. If Specter and the rest of these buffoons in Congressed actually cared about that document, they'd be trying to get as much information: for themselves and the American people; as possible...


Democracy Lover said...

The fools in Congress took an oath to defend the Constitution and with a few rare exceptions they have violated that oath.

We should be calling for recall elections for these jerks, Republican and Democrat, and make it clear that the people will simply not support any candidate that does not have sufficient belief in the Constitution to call for the impeachment of Bush, Cheney and their Cabinet Cabal.

The Democratic Party is dead. There are a few of their number in Congress that actually deserve their posts, but they are as marginalized by the Democratic Party "leadership" as they are by the mainstream media. Unfortunately for America, they will keep horsing around playing Republican-lite for another few years - just long enough to secure the demise of democracy and freedom.

mrsleep said...

Chicken shits, all of them. An absolute failure of leadership. We should be able to storm the Capital building and tar and feather the whole lot of em.

By the way, Mr Sleep has renamed his Blog, RED IS DEAD. The fiscal irresponsibility of our Government has totally pissed me off, and it has to stop.

Reign of Reason said...

Exactly DL - these weenies don't even know what the constitution says...

Holding onto power is the only motivation these people have: somehow that has to be changed. The fact that 90% of these morons will be re-elected tells me that both the American people and the system is broken.

This administration hasn't demonstrated leadership in ANY area: except on how to lie to the American public. It goes back to my previous point: they aren't interested in leading us into the future -- just into thier neo-conservative fantasy world where there is no need for government: hence their deliberate deconstruction of it.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

The Daily Show had a ball with that footage last night. These congressional hearings are such a charade I really don't know why anyone bothers anymore. If they're going to be a rubber stamp for Bush's policies, feigning regard for the Constitution is an even bigger insult to us all.