Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Libby Legal Defense Trust

Libby Legal Defense Trust

I'm back... Just spent the last couple of weeks with my squadron out in the desert... A great change of pace and a good training opportunity.

Back to the news.

Check out "Scooter's" web site: you'd think he was running for office or starting a new non-profit charity.

The guy is accused of lying to Congress about secret information he passed on about a covert CIA officer: instead of distancing themselves from this guy a bunch of congressmen and statesmen have signed on to convince us he's really a 'great guy' -- maybe just a bit misunderstood.

Why didn't I see this coming? Instead of admitting or at least distancing themselves from mistakes, this administration's calling card is the Orwellian Spin: turn every action -- even criminal ones -- into the machinations of true patriots.

What will it take for the public and the congress to throw these incompetent idiots out of OUR government? How many more tax payer $$$ have to be wasted? How many more lives lost to ensure a predominately fundamentalist Islamic government rises to supremacy in Iraq?

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