Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bush Is No Conservative

I never thought I'd be referring my readers to newsmax... But this article is right on the mark... Take heed all you conservatives out there.
Bush Is No Conservative:

"President Bush passes himself off as a conservative Republican and a born-again Christian. These are disguises behind which Bush hides. ...

Bush has overridden a number of protections in the Bill of Rights. The right to assemble and to demonstrate has been infringed. The Secret Service now routinely removes protesters from the scene of Bush political events. Many unthinking Americans go along with this authoritarianism because they don't agree with the protesters, but once the right is lost, everyone loses it.

"Bush has ignored habeas corpus and claims the unconstitutional power to arrest and detain people indefinitely without a warrant and without presenting charges to a judge. This is the most dangerous abuse of all, because whoever is in office can use this power against political opponents. Many unthinking Americans are not concerned, because they think this power will be used only against terrorists. However, as the Bush administration has admitted, many of its detainees are not terrorists. Most are innocent people kidnapped by tribal leaders and sold to the United States for the bounties paid for 'terrorists.'

"Bush has refused to obey statutory law, specifically the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Bush claims that as commander in chief he has the right to ignore the law and to spy on Americans without a warrant. Many unthinking Americans are unconcerned, saying that, as they are doing nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear. This attitude misses the point in a large way.

"If a president can establish himself above one law, he can establish himself above all laws. There is no line drawn through the law that divides the laws between the ones the president must obey and the ones he need not obey.
It would be horrendous if breaking the law was Bush's only crime. But as I've argued before he's a terrible governor -- in the sense that he doesn't govern and doesn't even believe we need government.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

He is a dictator, not a president. What is horrific is the prospect of how much more damage he and his junta can inflict upon the nation before they leave in '08.

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