Monday, March 20, 2006

Major General Eaton Slams Rumsfeld

For his failures, Rumsfeld must go

"In an opinion piece published on Sunday in the New York Times, Eaton said Rumsfeld had proven himself ``not competent to lead our armed forces'' and therefore ``must step down.''

``First, his failure to build coalitions with our allies from what he dismissively called 'old Europe' has imposed far greater demands and risks on our soldiers in Iraq than necessary. Second, he alienated his allies in our own military, ignoring the advice of seasoned officers and denying subordinates any chance for input,'' Eaton said.

``In sum, he has shown himself incompetent strategically, operationally and tactically, and is far more than anyone else responsible for what has happened to our important mission in Iraq,'' Eaton said.

Eaton was in charge of training Iraqi military forces from 2003 to 2004.

Another experienced voice into the fray. Come'on all you conservatives -- admit it when you've backed the wrong horse. This isn't just an academic argument -- kids are dying overseas because of the incompetence YOU voted into office.

I'm just waiting for Bush to give Rummy his medal -- just like the one he gave Tenent: "Here ya go -- let me reward you for making some of the biggest/costliest mistakes of the last decade."

We truly live in a bizzaro-world with these idiots in charge.

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