Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Grand Jury Gets Rove Testimony Over C.I.A. Leak - New York Times

Grand Jury Gets Rove Testimony Over C.I.A. Leak - New York Times

Rove appears before the grand jury yet again... It was the fifth time Mr. Rove has appeared before a federal grand jury in the case.
Mr. Rove's appearance suggests that Mr. Fitzgerald remains interested in learning more about why, in his initial testimony to the grand jury, in February 2004, Mr. Rove failed to disclose that he had ever discussed the issue of Valerie Wilson, the C.I.A. operative, with any reporters. Mr. Rove came forward months later to change his story, acknowledging that he had a phone conversation with Matthew Cooper of Time magazine in the summer of 2003 that eventually turned to the subject of Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, the C.I.A. operative's husband. Mr. Rove said he had forgotten the call, one of hundreds he participates in each day.
So will fearless leader really fire him when he's finally indicted?

Who's willing to take odds on this being the most corrupt administration since Reagans (as measured by the number of administration officials indicted and/or found guitly of criminal charges -- Reagan, 138 officials had been convicted, indicted or had been the subject of official investigations).

It's a long shot, but don't put anything past Shrub.

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