Thursday, April 13, 2006

Waste in Katrina Response Is Cited

Waste in Katrina Response Is Cited:
"Nearly eight months after Hurricane Katrina triggered the nation's largest housing crisis since the Second World War, a hastily improvised $10 billion effort by the federal government has produced vast sums of waste and misspent funds, an array of government audits and outside analysts have concluded.

As the Federal Emergency Management Agency wraps up the initial phase of its temporary housing program -- ending reliance on cruise ships and hotels for people sent fleeing by the Aug. 29 storm -- the toll of false starts and missed opportunities appears likely to top $1 billion and perhaps much more, according to a series of after-action studies and Department of Homeland Security reports, including one due for release today."

No wonder this administration wants to give as much tax money back to taxpayers as they can... They can't even spend it when there's a real need.

Does anyone remember James Lee Witt -- under Clinton? He won praise from both parties for his rejuvenation of FEMA, and the agencies handling of disasters down in Florida (hurricanes).

Ah, what a different competence makes.


mrsleep said...

pissed this money away. rhetoric does not keep the homeless safe, dry, and warm.

gawfer said...

I guess you returned your tax refund and any extra credits you got then. Nice.

Reign of Reason said...

No -- like most American's I really haven't seen "tax relief" ... maybe a couple hundred less in taxes per year.

The real tax benefits went to the wealthy and the companies... You know it takes a lot of extra cash to keep that off-shore post office box going (i.e. Haliburton).