Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spanish version of the National Anthem

I've been 'battling' with folks over the propriety of the Spanish ver. of the Anthem on a couple conservative blogs. It's amazing to me why this is even an issue for some people. If someone wants to sing the Anthem in Swahili, more power too them.

I swear right-wingers get up-in-arms over the stupidest things... things that don't even affect them.

Anyway, with a bit of research and an email from a friend I found this:

Spanish-language version of the National Anthem, commissioned by the United States in 1919, on the Library of Congress website:


FOUR different versions in Spanish on the State Department website:

http://usinfo.state.gov/esp/ home...em_spanish.html

Considering the US Government COMMISSIONED these versions that would make all my right-wing friends America-hating, anti-government commies right??

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Intellectual Insurgent said...

Even if the government didn't commission the Spanish versions, your right-wing friends would still be America-hating, anti-government commies right. You are right that wingers get riled up over the dumbest things. Did you hear that some jackass in Congress wants to pass a law prohibiting the anthem from being sung in any language but English. This is what our tax money pays for? Laws about a stupid anthem.

Perhaps a law that children should be able to find Louisiana on a map in order to graduate high school?