Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bush doctrine dies - takes 2500+ Americans with it

CNN.com - The end of cowboy diplomacy - Jul 9, 2006

Maybe the preznut can learn...

Bush, the candidate, pledged to pursue a humble foreign policy. He argued against the (in hind-sight, relatively tame) interventionalism of the Clinton years.

Of course, that's not what we got... And before I get the flood of comments stating that "9/11 changed everything" let me say "yes, it did".

But did the events of 9/11 require the forward-leaning, pre-emptive strategy that has entangled our forces in a war while simultaneously dragging our image through mud (i.e. - torture, rendition) and bleeding the nation's economic and military resources. The architects of the Bush doctrine openly proclaimed that the use of American military might could be used to remake the world -- and make it a better place. 9/11 gave them all the license they need to carry out the experiment.

We've seen the result... And some of us actually recognize the implications of those results: The Bush doctrine is a complete failure on all fronts:

The threats, blustering and out-right aggression has served not to make the world safer, but has helped to embolden and even prop-up dictators and terrorists.

Iran, N-Korea and others totalitarian regimes have used our leaders words, and our actions, to insight nationalistic furor.

But there is at least some hope. While we had to listen to our fearless leader bluster about a non-existent threat in Iraq – and how it had to be dealt with immediately, what do we hear about the REAL threats from Iran and N. Korea.

We hear “give diplomacy a chance” … we hear “it takes time”… “we need to work with our allies in the region”. All the phrases the conservatives used to bash the Democrats with in the run-up to war.

At least dear-leader appears to have given up on the idea of bending other nations to our will using military might. The problem is, Bush’s education came at a cost… An ongoing cost in Iraq (American and Iraqi lives, our image) and an ongoing cost here at home (budget deficits, war profiteering).


Capt. Fogg said...

What's wrong with the idiot Bush is what's wrong with Idiot America. Stupid, smug, superstitious and greedy - just like our president.

You are what you eat and we are what we vote for.

Great post.

Reign of Reason said...

Exactly... people only thinking of themselves.. and that one day they'll be the "winners" who don't want to pay inheritance taxes, etc.

It isn't really a society anymore. I'm all for individualism, but we need to realize we can make this is a better place if we try to play nice.

As for the real terrorists, kill 'em.

DBC said...

Bushco believed as a super power our omnipetence would make every country bow to us or face "serious consequences".

All Bush has done is show the world the limits of our power and weakened the country and he is not done yet.

Sternhund said...

Hell, why are we in Iraq to begin with? Iraq wasn't even a terrorist-supporting country when we invaded it!

Add that with the fact that Bush no longer cares to find Osama Bin Laden and bring down Al Qaeda tells me that this unjust war was for corporate interests.

And now we have the real threat -- namely, Iran. Our resources are drained, we are $8 trillion in debt with a $1.8 billion deficit, our people are sick and tired of this war, etc... So what do we do?

Excellent post by the way.

Reign of Reason said...

Exactly... well, there's also the American hegemony thing:

The neocons at the Project for a New American Century have been advocating the overthrow of Saddam since the 90's as a catalyst for change in the region. 9/11 just gave them the excuse.

So, this whole war has done nothing but line the pockets of the war profiteers while making the situation in the Middle East -- and terrorism around the world -- worse.

JollyRoger said...

The Chimperor hasn't given up on anything. He just isn't in a position to institute a draft-yet. Stay tuned, though; his chance may indeed have finally come...