Saturday, August 19, 2006

Experienced voices point out we're less safe under Bush's policies

Twenty-one former generals and high ranking national security officials have called on United States President George W. Bush to reverse course and embrace a new area of negotiation with Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. In a letter released Thursday, the group told reporters Bush's 'hard line' policies have undermined national security and made America less safe.
The letter points out the obvious (to anyone who thinks about it):
"When you announce an axis of evil of three countries and invade one and then say that Iran should take that as a lesson, it does seem that it may give them an incentive to do precisely what they don't want them to do," Guard said, "develop a nuclear weapon."
This is what happens when you have a president who views the world in black-and-white: good and evil... of course, he gets to define those terms.

Don't get me wrong: there are a lot of truly evil people in the world... but our president brings a biblical aspect to the characterization -- along with the requisite obligation to act.

Sometimes, I think he believes we're in a movie -- where the characters all fall into perfect stereotypes.

Yeah, there is evil in the world. But dealing with it involves more than a Hollywood script where the good guys rush in and subdue the evil-doers.


skip sievert said...

Is there evil in world.? NO. Good and evil/right and wrong are in the mind of man.
Spartan culture encouraged their girls between the ages of 10 and 16 to have girl on girl sex during their ecstatic full moon river celebrations in Laconia.
They considered that this built a closer and stronger bond in their culture. It was considered natural and normal. It happened for hundreds of years there.
In some African tribes the fathers are expected to be the first to have sex with their daughters.
Both of these practices would seem wrong to a person in the present culture in North America.
All theory,law,or hypothesis are man-made and thus subject to change at mankinds whims. All facts, found or future, have always existed. Fact is nature`s foundation ; Opinions are never facts.
It is fun to Demonize people like Bush. I do it myself. Bush in his own way is also trying to be free.
I think it is time to overhaul America and turn the present culture into one that gives up on these barbaric belief systems, and attempts to balance freedom and responsibility in a more realistic way.
It seems obvious to me that bombing people , murdering people, is not a smart idea. Is it good or evil.? Neither , but it is not a practical, and realistic way to deal with our fellow humans.
If no human is worth more than any other human, obviously it is our tragic belief systems that are to blame for these awful ways to look at things that people use to see the world.
It is possible for culture to have safeguards for its vulnerable members. This would be a human rights issue, and not a belief system issue.

Reign of Reason said...

I guess it depends on your world view: I would argue that there is "evil" in the world -- not biblical evil.

Society generates norms of behavior. Some people shun those norms. However, when it gets to the point where your actions infringe the rights of others, it becomes criminal.

When behavior becomes completely self-absorbed -- without concern for others -- its deviant. When the goal becomes to simply inflict pain on others I'd define it as evil.

But – without the biblical connotation, these are just definitions… they have no cosmic/moral authority.