Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What the Flock?

Organized religion: history has shown time and again that it'Â’s simply a cancer on society.

How can any organization, let alone one that claims to be doing god'’s work on earth, aid and abed child molesters?
PHOENIX (Reuters) - A fugitive Catholic priest ordered back to Phoenix from Rome
to face child sex charges has vanished, authorities in Arizona said on

The Rev. Joseph Henn, 57, could not be found at the headquarters of his religious order in the Italian capital when authorities arrived with an extradition order issued by the Italian Supreme Court, Arizona prosecutors said.

Henn, accused of molesting three boys from 1979-1981, had been under house arrest for the last year at the Society of the Divine Savior and was trying to block his return to Phoenix when he disappeared about two weeks ago, they said.
Why shouldn't church leaders protect someone who just liked diddling young boys? That's literally child's play!

This shouldn't surprise anyone who thinks about it: these are the same people that killed Jews and other non-believes by the thousand in Europe... and created very painful and creative ways to do it. Remember: they did all this in "god's name".

Don't think such crimes are possible today? Just listen to the prominent preachers of the day (James Dobson, Falwell, Robertson) talk about gay people... These are the church leaders that our society has given the biggest mouthpiece. If they had their way gays would be rounded up and subjected to "conversion therapy".

Sound familiar?

Anytime a group of people is willing to take something as important as "god's will" on the word of a leader who's basing his information on the unsubstantiated ramblings of the ancients has got to be watched.

Of course here in America we elect these types of people to the Presidency.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

Albert Einstein was right when he said that insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Religion is a 2,000 year old failure.

skip sievert said...

I hate to break it to some people , but if you can do it,it is natural. That is not politicaly correct, but nature can attest to it being true. Moralizing about what sexual practice people have will change nothing. It might make sense to protect young people from manipulating predators, but the act itself is complety natural , else it could not be done. I am not defending it. Just pointing out this fact. I would remind people that the Spartans encouraged young girls around 10 to 16 to have sex with each other at their river celebrations. True.? Yes, and they thought it brought their culture together to do this. It was considered natural and very normal. There is something a little disgusting about a priest tricking youngsters into any thing. Sex or religion. ---- Actualy religion as we know it is a 4,200 year failure. The basics of the current middle eastern ones were thought up about then in Babylon. It involved a contract that was given that supposedly man had no say in. Ofcourse any contract can be broken. Even fake ones. Even ones that are supposedly to go on forever. People are gullible aren`t they.? Those ancient people did make up some good stuff though. The Epic of Gilgamesh , is a very cool adventure story with some neat ideas in it. It is secular more or less.

Sternhund said...

Religion today is nothing more than a business. I can't pinpoint why they would protect child molesters, unless they thought it would protect their name by trying to keep it out of the media? Talk about a failure.

This is why I remain atheist. As the above commentors have noted, religion is a failure that began at the beginning of humanity.

skip sievert said...

I didn`t say it began at the beginning of humanity. What I do say is that it is a betrayal of our real human spirit, which has been preyed on by thieves and bandits. - I would guess that no one with a brain and idividual conciouness could subscribe to the middle eastern god. Even the people that originaly invented it were careful to point out in the original Sumer creation myth that the whole thing was a lie meant to cleverly control society. Think I am kidding.? I`m not. The myth states this in a marvelous comic way. Really. ---- The thing it points out is that you have to be smart enough to get it. //// It is within our power to change things. Lets not be victims. All the facts have to come out. We do not have to live like this. There is hope with a different system. To the question, why protect molesters.? It`s bad for business, hence not as much money is made. Yes , The corporate church. If there is such a thing as Devil worshippers this is them.

Capt. Fogg said...

Well, they invented the devil to scare us into listening to them and of course to demonize other religions. They'd be foolish not worship something that gives them so much power, money and sometimes sex.

As far as I'm concerned the priest, or shaman or whatever you want to call him is the real oldest profession.

Reign of Reason said...

Exactly Capt: spooky stories to keep the "kids" scared and obedient.

When will humanity out-grow its need to believe in the super-natural? Isn't the universe incredible enough -- on it's own?