Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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What percentage of Christians have actually read the bible?

I'm guessing less than 5%...


skip sievert said...

God ordered every man, women and child to be put to the sword. That would be the Canaanites. If you count up the towns noted as destroyed, and extrapolate on the numbers given in the bible , you end up with over a million people that their oddball god ordered killed. Why.? He thought they might cause trouble down the road. They were believers in a different cult. This monstrous religion is supposed to be good.? Ha Ha. ~ !
This is the first documented genocide in human history. It is written word for word as I describe it in the bible. What many refer to as the old Testament.
The Canaanites would be given the bad guy role in human history , and thus became the most maligned people in the history of the world. They were made scapegoats to rationalize ancient Israels take over of the area.
All fact. All history.
No doubt fascism came to America a long time ago. A little while after that quote from Sinclair Lewis.
One of my favorite books of all time is, It can`t happen here. written by Sinclair Lewis. It deals very directly with the subject at hand. It is a classic but little known.
It is a corporateacracy now. Since about 1948 for sure.

Za said...

There's a very good theological argument to be made that God never actually got his hands dirty - that's what angels were for.

Most Christians couldn't tell you what the Beatitudes say, and that's the most condensed part of Jesus' doctrine.

Reign of Reason said...

There are very few "Christians" -- as in followers of Christ's teaching -- in the US... Most simply use their group's notion of righteousness as a stick to threaten the rest of us and justify their own bigotry.

skip sievert said...

Very few would be a stretch. I think you are being rather generous by suggesting there are any. I agree completly with you second sentence. It is a fact.

skip sievert said...

I would like to make a suggestion to bloggers here to go to a site I discovered just recently. It is a technology site connected with the robotics information movement which is very popular right now.
This site deals in a very interesting way with some of the issues about culture and the future we have been debating. It is a warning about communism by the way , not an endorsment.
This person Richard Anders is also a social commentator. How he relates technology to capitalism, and employment , and the service industry being replaced by robots I found really fasicinating. His thesis is that capitalism being a scarcity based concept will fail shortly because of robots taking over the 70% of the work force which is now the population of the work force in the service sector. During the Great Depression 20% of the work force was thrown into unemployment with the rise of the machine age.
This will be an end to our society as we know it soon.
This person advocates the system of Technocracy for the next phase of our society. Why.? It is practical and will work , where our system we have now will not, or if it sorta does , it will be a horrific mess. Hope you enjoy it.