Monday, September 18, 2006

Canadians Fault U.S. for Its Role in Torture Case - New York Times

Canadians Fault U.S. for Its Role in Torture Case - New York Times

Here's what happens when you forget about the rule of law:
A government commission on Monday exonerated a Canadian computer engineer of any ties to terrorism and issued a scathing report that faulted Canada and the United States for his deportation four years ago to Syria, where he was imprisoned and tortured.

Innocent people, captured and sent off to prisons for months where they are held and beaten.

This is why we supposedly have laws: to give people a chance to prove their innocence.

The commission found that Mr. Arar first came to police attention on Oct. 12, 2001, when he met with Abdullah Almalki, a man already under surveillance by a newly established Mounted Police intelligence unit known as Project A-O Canada. Mr. Arar has said in interviews that the meeting at MangoÂ’s Cafe in Ottawa, and a subsequent 20-minute conversation outside the restaurant, was mostly about finding inexpensive ink jet printer cartridges.

The meeting set off a chain of actions by the police.

Investigators obtained a copy of Mr. ArarÂ’s rental lease. After finding Mr. Almalki listed as an emergency contact, they stepped up their investigation of Mr. Arar.

At the end of that month, the police asked customs officials to include Mr. Arar and his wife on a “terrorist lookout” list, which would subject them to more intensive question when re-entering Canada.

In a free society, governments role in MUST be limited to investigation and prosecution of VIOLATIONS of the law. What right does ANY group of people have (let alone the government that exists to PROTECT our righinvestigatingting someone who has committed no crime.

The government -- this administration -- is more interested in demonstrating that they are tough on "terrorists" than in upholding the law -- so innocent people pay the price.

These criminals must go... not the terrorists, but the criminals in Washington.


Capt. Fogg said...

One of the characteristics of a police state is that nobody is considered to be really innocent. Everyone is a potential criminal and cannot be trusted.

I agree, we need a war crimes tribunal right here. Bush needs to be held accountable to the American people for his crimes.

Unfortunately we are a nation of savages and don't give a damn.

mrsleep said...

Some of us do.

Reign of Reason said...

Apparently not enough tho... 44% in the latest poll support this dictator.

It just amazes me that Americans know so little about what (supposedly) makes them Americans.

skip sievert said...

American.? The dumbest most brainwashed of the earth.
It does no good to moralize and preach at people if they are still rewarded with their bad behaviour.
Our society rewards the likes of Bush. We make him President.
Do you really think that Bush has anything whatsoever to do with whats happening right now.?
He is a pawn. It is the type of culture we have. The rules need changing.
They call this modernity.? Thats funny. ~ ! ~