Thursday, September 14, 2006

What does it mean to be an American?

As the drum beat of fear continues, fearless leader is trying to push a bill through congress that relaxes the restrictions on how terror suspects are treated. Apparently, the laws we signed in the mid-90's -- enacted by a Republican Congress, are suddenly too laxed.

As an American, I simply don't understand how any of my fellow citizens can support such ideas: apparently, one set of laws is good for one group of suspects, but for another class, we need to be able to use "harsher" methods. Don't we stand for the rule of law? ... Don't we stand for the concept that all suspects and prisoners of war are entitled to fair and decent treatment? We've always abided by such rules in the past and officially codified their latest incarnation (the Geneva convention) into law about 10 years ago.

Similar rules were in place during WWII -- where we fought an evil that was trying to exterminate an entire race while using its armies to conquer the world

But we see, again, that Republicans are not above even sacrificing our founding principles when there's a chance to earn some "talk-tough" points. Are we that chicken-shit that we change the rules as soon as a real threat to our safety emerges? It would appear that our principles make great talking points but when the rubber hits the road, we prefer "torture" and "guilty until proven innocent"...

Of course, old W would rather have not even brought these issues to the light of day. He'd rather have just continued to do as he pleased in the dark corners of the world.

At least Colin Powell, John McCain and a few others in government are willing to take a stand for these principles.

All Americans want the terrorists stopped and/or brought to justice. But what makes us Americans is that we live by guiding principles. If anyone deserves to be called a flip-flopper -- it's out current crop of leaders.


skip sievert said...

Bush is a perfectly logical person to represent the American people at this time in history.
We are a thoughtless people, that don`t believe in consquences, for our thoughtless actions.
Like attracts like.
Bush is a logical choice as our representitive of our culture right now.
The other two you mention Powel and McCain are also two of the most wretched supporters of the fascist corporate controled place that we refer to as America.
I hope you do not think that you live in a free society which is a Democracy. You don`t.
I also hope you do not think that there is a political solution to the current crisis. There isn`t.
Think about that.

Reign of Reason said...

I know corp interests rule in washington.

And I don't have much hope of breaking their strangle-hold on government... I just hope the people rise up enough to actually restrain the damage these guys can do by putting in a few reasoned representatives.

skip sievert said...

Again R.o.R. That is a pipe dream sorry to say. Our system as has been stated is run by not these representatives you have faith in.
No Political solution can work for the complicated technological job of running a large system as we have.
Can I suggest that you go to the site Forward Guard , and take a look.? This interesting and active member of the Technocracy movement is putting together a section of people in a group right now, and is looking for help in his group or starting a similiar one elsewhere.
The person that directs this site Blake Haydn, is recruiting on campus`s right now.
He just recently linked his site with another site which features the robotics movement in a very interesting way. The person who has this robotic site is also a technocrat, Brian Peterson by name.
This robotics site that I would suggest that you take a look at is called He ofcourse is neither a communist or a robot, just a young techhead that advocates the technate.
Because of your interest in technology I think you would find this very interesting.

mrsleep said...

Many of us still have principals. Others are driven by the almighty dollar. They scream god, and country, but in the end they vote with their wallet, period. The only thing that gets their attention is things that impact their wallet, except for the fact of course that Oil prices have tripled since bushco took over. My best buddy is a staunch Republican and admits to voting with his wallet.

skip sievert said...

This is as it is in a price system. The rules of the game must be followed.
That is why it does no good to moralize and preach at people.
They will still do the thing that increases their money, because the rules of the game say so.
For that reason it is very important to change those rules. When the rules are changed the template changes.
The actors in the template then do different things.
This is the way to change society in a meaningful way.
There is no hope to reform in our current template.
It dead ends itself with the same basic problem.
Money cannot be the object that is aimed for. If it is we then are using something unreal ,an abstract concept to make descisions of vital importantance.
Our very survival now rests on this point being figured out by ourselves, so that we may change.