Tuesday, November 14, 2006

End of the ex-gay movement – NOT

I am so sick of these nut-cases and the terrible influence they have on our society.

Religion is a mental disorder… usually cured by a small dose of critical thought.

Apparently, many American’s refuse to take their medicine… (and they have the vote).

I just read some of the (ex) Rev. Haggard’s “apology”. Amongst the tear stained words he admitted something amazing – for a Christian.

There’s a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I’ve been warring against it all of my adult life.


nothing proved effective

No shit Sherlock…

Of course, the fact that a man of god admits that his homosexual desire has been with him most of his life – that all of his praying, faith and study did nothing to change it – none of this will change Christians’ concept of homosexuality as sin; a “choice” and something to be cured.

Great - lets continue to give people a reason to be depressed, suicidal and otherwise unhappy with their lives - ALL OVER NOTHING.

Besides, if Jesus was gonna help anyone become an “ex-gay”, wouldn’t it be the leader of one of his mega-churches and a proponent for the movement?

And who was really hurt by Haggard’s “dark secret” and why?

His wife, family and himself were the ones hurt most. All unnecessarily of course. If he was honest with himself – with his desires – he could have spared himself and those around him this grief… for NO downside (unless you consider living a life where you are honest with yourself and your desires “evil”).

Instead, we have the leader of the evangelicals – someone who’s bashed gays from the pulpit and undoubtedly done serious harm to the (similar, self-loathing) homosexuals who go to his church for “help” – mis-leading by example. And Christians will feel sorry for him… and continue to preach ‘redemption through Jesus’ for this terrible (non) sin.

This sick religion – in the name of helping people – is simply destroying people’s lives… for no good reason at all. Instead of trying to help people, they focus on the most personal yet trivial (to society) issue: sexuality.

I honestly believe if Jesus were to return, find a boyfriend, do some preaching on the subject and leave… these same people would be praying to his Dad to deliver him from evil…

Idiots all.


Capt. Fogg said...


skip sievert said...

And they call the West , Modernity.

Funny with all these backward , warring belief systems.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

One of the people I carpool with is gay and he told me his partner's parents sent him to "therapy" when he was 18 to cure his gayness. His partner, fortunately, has a strong spirit and, thus, lives a great life, but I can't imagine what that would be like.

Reign of Reason said...

The damage these people do to others is immense.

Imagine being told, by parents, friends and family that you are "evil", dirty and worse simply because you find some one of your sex attractive?

I simply cannot fathom it.

As Sam Harris says in his book, morality is concerned with (human) suffering. How the shared love of two people of the same sex got cast as a "moral" issue is one of the greatest scams of the Christian right.

These people are the real pox on society: between labeling people's loving relationships evil, scaring people with visions of fire and brimstone, and propagating non-issues as "morality" they have done more harm in the last 1000 years than good.

skip sievert said...