Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More noise

Let's add to the noise that passes for political discourse…

John Kerry makes a statement during a speech bashing Bush that could be construed as insulting our troops.

The republicans immediately jump on it and call for an apology on behalf of the troops.

Kerry immediately defends his comments and lets everyone know that they were directed at the boob-in-charge, who got us into this mess, as opposed to America's fighting men and women.

End of story?

Of course not…

The republicans, once again, want you to believe that John Kerry, a decorated combat veteran, is really unpatriotic, while George W. Bush and his clan of draft-dodgers are the true patriots.

Remember: John Kerry volunteered, became a Naval officer, went overseas, saw combat, earned a bronze star and 3 purple hearts. The men that served with him all agree that he displayed outstanding leadership in the face of enemy fire, landing his boat and personally pursuing the enemy ashore and engaging them at close quarters.

Also remember that GW Bush "somehow" landed a spot in the National Guard during a period when young Americans who didn't want to serve overseas clamored for the few coveted spots in a safe, state-side assignment. Colin Powell even bemoaned this practice where "so many of the sons of the powerful and well-placed . . . managed to wangle slots in reserve and National Guard units" while others – who were less well connected -- were sent into combat.

Somehow rhetoric is of more value than actions… The fact that Bush says he respects the military is more important that the reality of his policy (that put far too few troops into a situation that has obviously become untenable).

Has the media gotten so inane that such a story can last for more than a day? Of course.


Za said...

It's that damn liberal media. They want us all to hate Kerry and support Bush.


skip sievert said...

I love this stuff. Since I have no vested interest, and don`t care who wins it is all comedy to me. Lots of funny stuff to have fun with. I play along sometimes with the ads and pretend I hate the ones they want me to hate, just for fun.
Whoever wins doesn`t really count for much. More of the same B.S.
Both sides are run by the same groups anyway.

Anonymous said...

The only clip I could find of the laughter after he made his lame joke has a banner someone put on it.

The MSM cuts as soon as he says it instead of showing that the audience knew the context. The MSM fanning kerry's foot in mouth disease.

The only clip I could find of the laughter after he made his lame joke has a banner someone put on it.

Youtube Kerry

you site will not click to you tube so right click and copy link location and paste. see it

Tim said...

Bush and his supporters called for an apology from Kerry but it's Bush who should be doing the apologizing. Not only to the troops in Iraq for sending them, unequipped, into a war that he unjustly got the US into but also to the American people for building fear after 911 and then taking advantage of this fear to wage his personal war against Saddam Hussein.

Bush should apologize to a lot of people for a lot of different reasons but it would take a couple weeks to list them all so I'll stop at these two for starters.

Kerry had nothing to apologize for. He should have just said what he was alluding to, "Bush is stupid", then there would have been no question who his comments were directed at.

Capt. Fogg said...

When Freud coined the phrase "the narcissism of small differences" he meant something a bit more personal, but those who pretend that voting one way or another because the candidates are so similar are often saying much more about themselves than about the candidates and are usually in love with some third choice that is more disasterous than either candidate or party. They justify it by glossing over differences which may be huge. I suspect this applies here.

This would be a dramatically different world had Gore become President, regardless of who took contributions from whom or who had stronger ties with capitalism. I don't trust those who dismiss honesty and intelligence as significant characteristics in a leader.

skip sievert said...

Our political system is run on both sides by thugs.

It is controled by paper pushing thugs.

There are no longer political solutions to the problems that face us.

Gore and Bush are both thugs working for the corporatacracy.

Za said...

Anonymous - you want this one.

Za said...

It doesn't have the laughter, but it has the context, which shows the same thing.

Reign of Reason said...

It is amazing how much press the entire episode got... If it was anyone but Kerry, I suspect it would have been ignored.