Monday, November 06, 2006

Nothing can shake the faith

The Christian God -- and his followers -- are truly amazing people.

… in a fundamentally delusional way.

The same group of people that get together each Sunday to denounce the evils of openly gay people now has this to say about a pastor and evangelical leader who's been leading a double-life for several years:

    “We all feel worse today than we did a week ago,” Mr. Parsley said, “but we were worse off a week ago. Pastor Ted is living in a greater measure of repentance and forgiveness today than he has been living in for years.” -- Ross Parsley, the new minister of Haggard's church.

Apparently, living a life where you are open and honest about your feelings is evil -- but denouncing such a life while secretly leading one is a path to communion with the lord and forgiveness.

Just listen to some of the church members' comments:

    Others said the service left them with a new understanding of why many of Mr. Haggard’s sermons had been so powerful: his talk of temptation, sin and guilt were not just idle words.

    “He struggled with the same issues he preached about,” said Basil Marotta, who said he ran his own Christian ministry in the Colorado Springs area with his wife.

The power of religion to delude the self simply amazes me.

If pedophilia, hate-mongering, adultery (gay adultery at that) and drug use cannot convince the majority of parishioners that church leaders are simply fleecing them I don't know what will.


skip sievert said...

They can`t be convinced on anything because they are under the great Voodoo JuJu spell.

They believe,,, they are brainwashed and mechanical.

This same group backed the crooked politicians also.

Hatemongering and religion are best friends.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

These people are sheep who want to be deceived.

skip sievert said...

Maybe , but even sheep that want to be decieved deserved a better start in life.

Reign of Reason said...

Sounds a little bit too much like Germany in the 30's for my taste... "People wanting to be led" -- even when the leaders spew irrational gibberish.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

Read Erich Fromm's "Escape From Freedom". The vast majority of people are happy to give up their freedom to a tyrant. Germany, America or Timbuktu, the human fear of choice is quite remarkable.

Mark W said...

Thank you. All I can say is THANK YOU for stating the truth. Whether the Fox News, Weekly Standard, and NRO pundits will admit it or not, this election was a referendum on theocracy and a denouncement of the Religious Right's power grab over all three branches of government!

Reign of Reason said...

I'm putting that book on my "wish list" II ... sounds like a good one.

I wonder how Haggard's "rehabilitation" is going -- sure hope he enjoys the de-homo-fication program.