Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mideast Mess

Friedman had it right in todays editorial (with regards to Iraq):

Our first priority is democracy, but the Arabs' first priority is "justice." The oft-warring Arab tribes are all wounded souls, who really have been hurt by colonial powers, by Jewish settlements on Palestinian land, by Arab kings and dictators, and, most of all, by each other in endless tribal wars. For Iraq's long-abused Shiite majority, democracy is first and foremost a vehicle to get justice. Ditto the Kurds. For the minority Sunnis, democracy in Iraq is a vehicle of injustice. For us, democracy is all about protecting minority rights. For them, democracy is first about consolidating majority rights and getting justice.

Just read the first part of the Iraqi constitution: it isn't about securing rights -- it's about Islam and legislating god's will.

Such a constitution has little chance of being the basis of a liberal republic.

Now Bush is talking about sending more troops in. Its far too late for late. Even 50,000 more troops means about 11-13,000 more combatants -- tops. That simply isn't gonna make a difference. Shia and Sunni want to kill each other -- its out of our hands.


skip sievert said...

I really hate Friedman , as in Thomas if that is who you quote here. He is a disinformation specialist , and an apologist for big business , special interest.
He endorses Globalism 100%
The war is a success for what they wanted to do. Take Iraqi oil off the international market.

As for the people there , they could not care less.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

Co-sign with Skip. Friedman is a disgusting double-speaker who says things that have superficial appeal but the depth of a puddle. Anything he says is automatically suspect in my book.

Reign of Reason said...

well, even a blind man finds a pearl once in a while... The msgr may be weak, but I think this quote is apt.

skip sievert said...

The word Justice is a modern word that actualy means Vengence. The word Democracy is a modern word , that doesn`t mean much of anything. It was once upon a time, a system of government in ancient Athens. It is now co-opted to mean just about anything in 1984 language that is desired.

Yes, even a blind pig , occasionly finds an acorn. Not this time though.

mrsleep said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family.