Thursday, January 25, 2007

A bit of Buddhist Wisdom

Those who have read my blog know that I'm not religious. However, I have read some introductory Buddhist texts and thought I'd share one (of the many) I find insightful:

You should make your observations yourself,
You should not be the man of someone else,
Not in the dependence on another should you live,
Nor go about making a trade out of holiness.

-Udana Sutta

If only more of our "mainstream" religions preached thus.


skip sievert said...

Buddhism is mostly discribed as a philosophy , or a way of life.

It is better in many ways than a standard religion.
There is nothing much to believe in .
The main motto is ,
Try and not wreck anything.
Don`t harm others, yourself , or nature if possible.

Reign of Reason said...

I agree: Buddhism isn't really a "religion" -- although many have turned it into one.

One of the main premises is to "try out a teaching: if it works, great -- if not, discard it"