Monday, January 29, 2007

The Price of Incompetence

It's being paid almost daily by our forces in Iraq.

Then there's the long term result of our actions: A close alliance between Iran and Iraq.

As if we didn't need further evidence that Iran and Iraq will "enjoy" closer relations, the Iranian ambassador to Iraq recently announced plans to greatly expand its economic and military ties with Iraq. There's already an agreement to open the first Iranian National Bank in Iraq: a move that's sure to help bind the economic interests of the two nations together. They are reportedly also discussing the possibility of Iranians openly training Iraqi military units.

Meanwhile, our forces continue to fight with no clear strategy in mind. A recently returned correspondent's report highlights the problem: he explains how our forces investigated a Sunni attack on a Shia neighborhood... The American's and Shia worked together to try and determine who the "bad guys" were...

Of course, when the Shia found out, they retaliated. Our forces attempted to intervene and stop the fighting -- when, predictably, the Shia opened fire on the Americans.

How are our forces expected to "enforce" anything in such an environment? One moment you fight to defend a group of people, the next you are fighting those same people.

There was a time when our mis-underestimated leader had a chance to salvage something out of the debacle that is his Middle-East policy. That time has long since past. His decisions and ineptitude will not only result in the deaths of thousands of Americans, but will help to reshape the region and make Iran a true hegemon -- one that the Saudi's are becoming concerned about.

The only question that remains is will the American people hold dear-leader, and those like-minded, accountable for their incompetence. The country needs to make some hard decisions (like getting out of this mess in short-order) but we also need to fire the "CEO President" that got us into it.

Clean house at home first --


skip sievert said...

Problems. Our system runs on war. It does no good to moralize and preach against the war when our system rewards the bad behavior of the war. Special interest groups run the Whitehouse. We are dumping lots of materials down a rat hole in Iraq. This makes special interests very happy. They do not care about resource destruction because they are ,...Making Money.~!~ Are we setting up for even worse problems there soon.? Ah Yes. Crash Test ahead.
We have chosen Saudi Arabia , and Israel to defend. Both enemy`s of Iran. Pakistan is armed with nukes. Israel also. Iran has enriched Uranium.
Booooom.~!~!~ Lots of people are going to die. Pity. I pity those people. None of this needs to happen. Most of it is driven by antique belief systems, and Political/Liars.

Reign of Reason said...

It is true: corporations profit when we're at war and these nut-cases oblige them. Special interests do run our government.... we just need to get those special interests aligned with the majority of Americans as opposed to the top 2%.

skip sievert said...

Special Interests don`t work that way.
A special interest always deprives someone other than themselves of their rights and benefits. Special Interest, by its nature works against the majority, and minority. It captures something for itself in order to deprive others of it. It, is usually money or resources.
Our system can not be 'fixed'. It must be changed. Technocracy gets rid of Special Interests. Permanently, whether they are belief system special interests, or Political special interests.