Friday, January 05, 2007

Religion in government: its worse than I thought

Check out:

And watch the video:

It's even worse than I thought... A number of senior officer's and government officials openly declaring their "faith" in biblical non-sense... and how they use it to guide their professional lives. (I could care less what they do with their personal lives).

The flag officers scare me. One speaks about how his loyalty is to "god, family and then country"... Geez, I thought when you took the oath you swore to uphold the principles enshrined in the Constitution, not some book of sectarian dogma.

Watch the video -- this is scary stuff -- looks like Jesus and the Bible are running the country.

This doesn't bode well for the future of our Republic. It simply cannot survive with irrational, sectarian nut-cases infiltrating every level of government.


skip sievert said...

Your right. It is on its last legs. A falling apart of the system is at hand. They are whipping up the war fever now. Iran is next. General Betray-us and General Fall-on , or is that Fall-out , are the new stooges for Globalism and the Dollar.
Will the other Generals act.? Will the people running our bullshit society experience a coup , by the military to reclaim North America from Globalism.? Stay Tuned.

Capt. Fogg said...

Globalism is one thing, Religion another. The reaction I hear more than any other when talking to International bankers and economists is that they cannot understand why the US is being taken over by primitive religion.

If there is a coup by the military, it will more likely be an attempt to claim the country for Jesus. I've seen a disturbing amount of prayer sessions and posters claiming that "Jesus is my commanding officer" among fairly high level military officers that it worries me.

skip sievert said...

The Corporatacracy use`s religion and its footsoldiers as unconcious pawns in their desire for control and more paper pushing(money)power over people.
This is not a conspiracy. Just business as usual.
Bush has handpicked new Generals that are religiously/belief, impaired also.
Bush though is also merely a pawn, cog, footsoldier for the Belief system flunky`s.
At base religion was and is a spin-off control mechanism to trick and confuse people into doing what the power possessers desire.
Interesting how gullible people are. The original MiddleEastern religion , actually admitted in its creation myth what the method was and why they were using it.
It is comical.
That info. was lost in later variation religions, and the fake info , meant to comicaly control people that were gullible , was taken to be the 'truth.'
Ha Ha.

Reign of Reason said...

The religion stuff bothers me the most too: it's as if these people long for the Dark Ages... Don't they know history?

Skeptical inquiry brought us the Enlightenment -- and brought us out of darkness as a species. That so many are will to forgo generations of learning and cling to 2000+ year old dogma is unimaginable.

Capt. Fogg said...

They do know history, but objective history is impossible - it's like looking down a deep well. What you see is a combination of what's there and your own reflection. They know history as phrased and framed to illustrate the righteousness of their various causes, sects and ethnicities but all dogmas participate in this, whether it's Marx's tendentious view of history or Hitler's or mine or Skip's. History is about what we believe it means.

Some theorize that it's because of the rise of modernity and science which stresses uncertainty and relativism. That frightens people and they look for absolutes and certainties and religion gives it to them. They're often willing to kill people rather than admit that their beliefs are founded on the will to believe.