Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Self-delusion -- the religious right seems to have cornered the market.

He is completely heterosexual. That is something he discovered. It was the acting-out situations where things took place. It wasn't a constant thing.

on disgraced pastor Ted Haggard, who has completed intensive counseling since a male prostitute's allegations forced him out of his congregation
Instead of dealing with the truth of the situation -- Haggard you are a homosexual -- sounds like he's opted for the same denial routine he's practiced for his life so far.

So instead of moving on -- living in the real world... He'll likely be condemned to hate his innermost desires and put on a facade.

Until the pot boils over -- again.

I just hope it doesn't happen with an under-aged boy this time. As it seems to often do in the catholic clergy.

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