Friday, March 16, 2007

Brownback - bigot, enemy of freedom

Capt Fogg has a great post on Sen Brownback... He captures my feelings exactly.

These people simply don't know what "morality" means.

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skip sievert said...

Morality is in the mind of man. Only Nazis types, think they understand, and can enforce morality.
Morality is belief system. Countless people have been tortured for the sake of morality.
A just society does not use moral standards , except the code against violence. If you hurt someone, then you are in trouble. Big trouble. Morality is used by religion to control people.
Oldest trick in 'the book' . -

Reign of Reason said...

So true skip.

Religion uses the guise of morality to impose its views on others: it is antithetical to what America stands for.

Amazing that our representatives don't understand this.