Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cheney subverts other opinions and input

The VP simply uses his office/power to ensure his course of action is the one the president sees and likely approves. Other input, whether from the Justice dept, State dept or from the cabinet, is undermined and discounted even before it is heard.This isn't 'government': its rule by fiat.

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Capt. Fogg said...

It's not just that the man is a criminal, but that he's so stupid about it, that makes me think he's suffering from early stages of vascular dementia.

He's not part of the Executive branch, but he invokes executive privilege - say what? He needs to go to jail and he needs to be sued for all the expenses he's run up and the salary he's been paid by the Executive Branch, if he's not part of it.

Mostly he needs to go to jail.

skip sievert said...

I think you need to go to jail also Fogg.
Cheney is just playing by the rules of the game in a Price system.
You and Cheney can be 'bunk' mates.

Not sure which has the larger amount of bunk.

Funny how ignorants like you bring up contracts of money, civil lawsuits etc.
You measure punishment in money dumb ass.
Real creative.

Reign of Reason said...

Com'on ... Cheney is blatant criminal. He doesn't even understand the premise of representative government. He is NOT playing by the rules: he's playing on the apathy of the average American.

As Fogg points out, he conveniently says whatever is needed: never mind that it contradicts earlier statement. The American people's memory is about 2 days "long" -- if that.

The country needs to wake up. The system we have can work if people play the role the founder's intended.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

Well, because the People aren't doing shit, they are getting the government they deserve.

Reign of Reason said...

I can't argue with that... But I hope that as the pendulum as swung so far to the right -- so it will swing back toward reasonableness.

I'm not that encouraged so far (Bush still has about 30% of the people thinking he's a good guy) ... but there's hope.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

This really isn't about Bush anymore. Even after he leaves, I doubt things will change. When you have Obama and Clinton pounding the drums for war, they tell us in no uncertain terms that there is no meaningful difference between them and Bush.

There has been a coup. The fact that they switch the faces on the new regime doesn't change who's running things.

skip sievert said...

Yes, in 1984 Insurgent, there is always Big Brother.
Artists for Globalism Special interest groups can retouch the photo of the 'leader' back and forth, and create also many tunes for the people to 'dance' to.
RofR you are being knave here.
Insurgent is telling you something.
You are part of the problem.
You are brainwashed if you think things are by magic going to change.
Its the Military/Industrial/Congressional complex run now by Special Interests for Globalism that runs our media, government, etc.
Wake up.

Reign of Reason said...

I may be naive, but the system we currently have CAN work -- if people take the time to realize what is happening to their society/government.

Will that happen? Doubtful -- but the opportunity for a correction exists. It will only happen within the confines of the existing system: people are not poor enough, nor desperate enough to take other actions that would lead to a "new form" of government.

To beleive otherwise strikes me as naive.