Friday, June 22, 2007

High Lord Cheney - above the law

Amazing... just sticking to the facts:

  1. President Bush signs EXECUTIVE ORDER 13292 -- FURTHER AMENDMENT TO EXECUTIVE ORDER 12958 -- CLASSIFIED NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION. The order regulates the handling, classification and declassification of national security information.
  2. VP Cheney's office refuses to comply with requests from the National Archives and Records Administration for information related to the executive order. The NA is the body responsible for carrying out the executive order.
  3. Further, Cheney's office tries to abolish the office that sought to enforce those rules -- a rule just amended/put-in-place by his boss.
His defense? -- "I'm not part of the executive branch"... an argument that is more arcanely legalistic than I've yet heard coming out of this administration.

(Funny, that the VP should rely on an obscure, most likely fallacious, argument to defend his actions while those the administration imprisons in Guantanamo don't even get to challenge there incarceration in court.)

The use of secrecy in governance is the most dangerous behavior this administration -- and this person in particular -- exhibits. Government in a democracy is accomplished via the consent of the governed. How can that occur when the leaders deny their accountability to the governed?

This man should not only be removed from office -- he should be exiled. He obviously doesn't know what it means to live in a representative democracy.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

There has been a coup. It just hasn't been announced yet.

Reign of Reason said...

There really has been. But about 1/2 the populace doesn't realize it... and another 1/3 don't care.

The others are happy since they are in the cat-bird seat.