Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ritter on the abdication of the citizenry...

What's wrong with America that we can elect and support a charlatan like Bush for 6+ years? Ritter's comments are right on: we've become a nation fascinated with consumerism -- to the exclusion of almost all else.

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skip sievert said...

Ritters comment is pure delusion and misinformation. The constitution should be put in plastic and transferred to the Smithsonian for historical purposes.
Here is the future.
1. Organized crime takes over the political system. That has happened.
2. Organized crime fights it out with the belief system special interests, and the Political business special interests. That is about to happen.
3. The American people will then have to take on the winner, and then we may shift into a different system that is a world different from this one.
That is the future. Mark my words. Ritter is an antique. The 'constitution' is not a document that can run a modern, scientific society. It was the best they could do at the time. It is ridiculous now to use it.
'Democracy' now is a system that is composed of a huge variety of Special Interest groups, and the whole thing is 'managed' by Globalism interests.
We will crash and burn shortly.
Oil will be the trigger.
We will then go into a state of emergency. Then things get interesting.
Ritter is a joke. A pawn for the system.

Reign of Reason said...

Or, organized crime and religion get together to take-over government (already happened).

The key is somehow tying congress and our other representatives to the people -- as opposed to special interests/corporations.

skip sievert said...

That will never happen. A political system no longer works to run a high energy civilization such as ours.
- Special Interests control this template.
- Your right that organized crime uses religion as a mouth piece.
The really interesting thing about all these special interest groups is that they hate each other, and only work together to keep up the slavery system we have of 'money' control.
When push comes to shove they will fight it out among themselves.
Then the American people will act to take on the winner.
Rick, its Military/Industrial/Congressional complex. They are the bad guys.
They will slug it out.
Then our society will change.
Lots of chaos though in the short term.