Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ritter on Liberty

I came across this while reading an article by Scott Ritter - the former UN Weapons Inspector - on TruthDig .

There is no greater breeding ground for the forces of tyranny than the surrender of civic responsibility on the part of those entrusted with the defense of liberty.

I fear not the bloody rebellion of an outraged citizenry, but rather the passive submission of a shameful mass which betrays the cause of liberty and freedom through the abandonment of the Constitution, and the obligations of citizenship derived thereof, in favor of the narcotic of consumerism. Such a mass, foreswearing blind obedience to those who profess how to best construct a cocoon that immerses the occupant in transitory comfort, is the most pressing problem facing America today. In a nation whose defining document begins, "We the People," I find that it is we the people who constitute the greatest threat to the future of America. It is not through the force of our actions, but rather the vacuum created by our inaction and apathy, a vacuum all too readily filled by those who would have us exchange our hard-fought freedoms for a gilded cage of market-driven consumerism.

-- Scott Ritter

So true.

What amazes me most about the situation we find ourselves in -- as Americans -- is how easily the majority is/was duped into sacrificing that which makes us a free people simply by the use of fear-mongering by our leaders.

They are to blame for the fear-mongering... but we're to blame for buying into it.

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skip sievert said...

We should abandon the constitution, which is mostly bullshit, and move on to a more creative type of system.
Only one system will work for the future, that is if we do not want to destroy ourselves.
That system has to be a system based on Science.
With a system based on Special Interests of Political and Belief Systems, we doom ourselves to kill everyone and then kill ourselves.
Why ?
To makes money.
A science system would NOT use money as a commodity valuation system. It would use energy as a way to measure what it takes to produce consumer products for its citizens.
All citizens would then get an equal share of the products from the resource base, within a context of sustainability. Any thing less than that will doom us.
Any thing less than that is still a Price System, and a price system is based on keeping the population brainwashed.