Sunday, July 01, 2007

Oblivious to everything but power

A President Besieged and Isolated, Yet at Ease -

"...the discontent with the Bush presidency is broader and deeper among Republican lawmakers, some of whom seethe with anger. 'Our members just wish this thing would be over,' said a senior House Republican who met with Bush recently. 'People are tired of him.' Bush's circle remains sealed tight, the lawmaker said. 'There's nobody there who can stand up to him and tell him, 'Mr. President, you've got to do this. You're wrong on this.' There's no adult supervision. It's like he's oblivious. Maybe that's a defense mechanism.'"
It really isn't surprising but its taken most Republican's 6+ years to realize the emperor has no cloths... or brains.

I think it says more about Republican lawmakers than Bush.


Capt. Fogg said...

But they still feel superior to people who told them so in 1999.

skip sievert said...

This has nothing really to do with Republicans in particular.
Military/Industrial/Congressional complex though.

There is no difference between the two political party`s.

Our system is not run by anything other than special interest.

The ONLY way to keep it going is massive infusions of capital into special interest groups.

The system MUST grow, or it collapses.

Bush has driven the stock market up wonderfully.

That is the only criteria in the U.S. of success or failure.

Congress is complicit in everything Bush has done.

Democrats have loved every minute of their portfolios growth.

Reign of Reason said...

You have a good point skip... True.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

Exactly right Skip.

And every time I hear one of these nonsense stories about a Republican who has woken up and smells the coffee for the first time, it reeks of disingenuous bullshit.

They may be sick of Iraq but ask them and I would venture a wager that they aren't all of a sudden anti-war or anti-Empire.

skip sievert said...

So how far reaching is this situation we are in ?

Lest anyone be lulled into economic euphoria by the recent upsurge in stock values, let's take a sobering stroll into reality, courtesy of the web site Factbook sponsored by that most esteemed of American institutions, the Central Intelligence Agency, which offers us a table on who of 163 nations is where on the financial balance sheet (2006 estimates).

"On top of the black ink side of the heap we have that nation that provides most of our manufactured goods (and which is now consuming 32 million of acres of irreplaceable virgin forest annually to meet demand for wood products, largely from us), China, on the plus side at $179.1 billion. Running a close second is Japan, at $174.4 billion. Rounding out the top five we have Germany, Russia (hey, I thought the Cold War and the breakup of the Soviet Union put them out of action), and — no surprise here — Saudi Arabia.
"Even impoverished Bangladesh, whose per capita energy consumption equals one-half of one percent of the U.S., is in the plus column, albeit at a modest $339 million.

"Now let's move to the dismal side of the chart. Which nation is most submerged in a sea of red ink?

"Hint: It's the nation that spends more on military hardware and has more foreign bases than every other industrial nation combined, yet whose troops continue to be mired in a dead-end war against homemade IEDs and suicide bombers. It's the nation that spends more per capita on health care yet ranks 36th in infant mortality (humble Cuba ranks 34th). It's the nation whose students continually score dead last in science and math against every other industrial nation.

"It's also the nation that is currently outsourcing over $400 billion per year in government contracts to private corporations (even the Homeland Security Department has on its website a corporate grab bag in its "Open for Business" section, offering lucrative opportunities to those so patriotically inclined as to rush to keep the country safe at a profit). This includes over 100,000 mercenary troops in Iraq, and over half of these contracts are not open to competitive bidding — the bulk of them awarded to heavy contributors to Republican candidates. There are now more people in the private sector working on government contracts, with little oversight, than are actually employed by the government, which is subject to constant scrutiny.
"Cut big government? Sure, and turn it over to corporate enterprise. I believe it was Mussolini who defined fascism as the merger of corporations and government (he called it corporatism).

"The biggest loser? You guessed it. This is the nation co-led by a multimillionaire (getting more so by the day thanks to his connections with certain aforementioned contractors) who blithely observed that deficits are meaningless. Yep, it's the good old land of the free, which stands at the dead bottom of the pile at a whopping minus $862.3 billion and still sinking.

"Conclusion: Our nation and people are slowly being bled to death by corporate greed and government corruption, the vast profit takings of which account for the abysmal financial state of the country — and that deficit that is so meaningless? It is costing the vast majority of us more and more, everyday and in every way.

Sincerely, Stephen L. Doll, Ormond Beach, Florida"

Reign of Reason said...

I agree: the gov and corps in this country have colluded to an incredible degree... Nothing matters to them besides short-term profits.

They've sold eveything -- even the sole of the nation -- for profits. Profit is their "cure all"