Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just what we need

Fred Thompson -- just what we need in the race: an actor with nothing more than an image. He's the "regular guy" people seem to adore.

Why do Americans always seem to vote for the guy they want as their drinking buddy? After the current debacle don't people realize we (at least) need someone with smarts in the White House?

Image coupled with incompetence got us where we are -- and the supposed darling of the party offers the same package.

If this yahoo wins I'm outta here -- there's no hope.

1 comment:

skip sievert said...

No, you will not be outa here, because you believe in the system.

You will lobby the new group.

You will proclaim our system the 'best in the world'.

You will vote, and vote and vote.

You are a victim.