Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Brick Testament - Judges 19

The Brick Testament

One of my 'favorite' stories from the old testament.

Maybe someone can explain to me why offering your concubine up to be raped... and then subsequently murdering and dismembering her teaches us something about god.

The Brick Testament is really a good teaching tool. It gives the reader a visual of some of the many atrocities described in "the good book".


Intellectual Insurgent said...

It doesn't teach anything about God. It's mythology, just like any other mythology, with its stories that have obvious lessons and others that are either pointless or completely obtuse.

skip sievert said...

It does teach about god middle eastern style.

Rick said...

I guess the sarcasm wasn't obvious enough.

The only thing the bible "teaches" is the barbarism of the time.

skip sievert said...

The sarcasm was apparent and funny. Good show.
The barbarism of this time also.

We employ the same system as they.

Thats where our system came from.

Lots of people read these stories now and 'believe' them. Lots of others mollycoddle the group of famous liars that came up with many of these tales. That includes our fearless leader, Bushco.
Oh B.T.W. there is no god. That was a practical joke originally that was made up by a political system.
It is and has always been a sociological voodoo concept meant to control people by whipping them with abstract concepts.
The middle eastern gods are even nastier than most.

This joke btw was always known and understood from the beginning for what it was and is.