Monday, March 31, 2008


There a good article in the AZ Republic today about the non-efficacy of one of the latest cholesterol medicines... This is why we need stronger, INDEPENDENT scrutiny of the pharmaceuticals industry.

Some relevant excerpts:

The study tested whether Vytorin was better than Zocor alone at limiting plaque buildup in the arteries of 720 people with super-high cholesterol because of a gene disorder.

The results show the drug had "no result - zilch. In no subgroup, in no segment, was there any added benefit" for reducing plaque, said Dr. John Kastelein, the Dutch scientist who led the study.

The New England Journal also published a report showing that Vytorin and Zetia's use soared in the U.S. amid a $200 million advertising blitz. In Canada, where marketing drugs directly to consumers is not allowed, sales only about one-fourth as strong.

Two congressional panels launched probes into why it took drugmakers nearly two years after the study's completion to release results.

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Intellectual Insurgent said...

More regulation of the pharmaceutical industry? That's laughable.

What we need are people being more conscious about their own health, what they eat, etc. Instead of crying about how Big Pharma is regulated, a more effective challenge would be to put them out of business.

Instead of more regulation, there should be more personal trainers, more organic food and more gyms.