Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The right to die...

A New Fight to Legalize Euthanasia - TIME
Should we be allowed to determine when we die? Euthanasia may be an issue long debated in the U.S., but thus far voters in only one state, Oregon, have legalized the practice of physician-assisted suicide. But a popular former governor is determined to make Washington State the second this November.
More than 80% of American adults agree with Gardner, a new report shows. Another two-thirds support laws similar to Oregon's, which give people the "right to die" through physician-assisted suicide, according to the survey of 1,070 Americans released May 15 by ELDR Magazine, a publication aimed at senior citizens. More than 80% of respondents also said that, if terminally ill and in pain, they would want to be made unconscious even if it hastened death. "A painful or prolonged death is something everyone worries about," said Dave Bunnell, ELDR's editor.

Yet something else the religious right has wrong: a terminally ill person has the right to decide how and when to end his life. Its a personal decision -- and not something government has the right to prohibit. Restrict, maybe -- but not prohibit.

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