Thursday, May 22, 2008

Still in the closet...

Organization Representing Military Personnel Urges Caution to Service Members Seeking Gay Marriage
While California and Massachusetts are the only two states where same-sex marriages are permitted, several other states and the District of Columbia provide other types of recognition for same-sex relationships, conferring legal rights and benefits similar to marriage. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," however, prohibits service personnel from entering into "marriage or attempted marriage," and service members who do so face dismissal under the law.

"Before my husband and I decided to marry in Massachusetts, I had to sit down and ask myself which is more important, love and marriage or my career in the U.S. Army," said retired Army Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Schmalz. "So I left the Army, and took with me my twenty-five years of experience, so that I could get married and start a family. It is a choice I never thought I would have to make and a choice that no American patriot should ever have to make."

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