Monday, June 30, 2008

The art of hypocrisy - how to speak out of boths sides of your mouth.

Obama disowns critique of McCain's military record - Yahoo! News
Democrat Barack Obama rejected a retired general's suggestion that Republican John McCain's military experience didn't necessarily qualify him to be president, as GOP surrogates lined up to label the remarks indecent and disrespectful.

Conservatives are experts at speaking out of both sides of their mouths... The latest case in point: They seem outraged at Gen W. Clark's comments about McCain's experience. I don't know, but I'd bet many of these folks were the same people that wore "purple band-aids" at the 2004 Republican convention denoting their contempt for John Kerry's service (and his purple hearts). The fact that those that served with him said he served bravely and honorably in Vietnam... the fact that he served in a combat zone, well - apparently that wasn't enough to earn him the title "patriot".

I guess you only have to respect the service of conservatives.

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