Monday, July 14, 2008

Holy inquisition batman!

Catholic League: For Religious and Civil Rights
To protest student fees for religious services at the University of Central Florida (UCF), a student walked out of a campus Mass on June 29 with the Eucharist. Webster Cook, a student senator, finally returned the Host this past weekend.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue offered the following remarks today:

“For a student to disrupt Mass by taking the Body of Christ hostage—regardless of the alleged nature of his grievance—is beyond hate speech. That is why the UCF administration needs to act swiftly and decisively in seeing that justice is done. All options should be on the table, including expulsion.”
Holy shit batman!! Possible expulsion. "Justice"? Are you kidding me?

Just because a group of people believe this biscuit is sacred or something doesn't mean a CRIME was committed. The biscuit was given to him ... and there are no laws against offending someone based on their religious beliefs are there?

This country is built on free speech... even speech that infuriates others. If talking about "desecrating a cracker" can get you expelled we have truly lost our way.


skip sievert said...

What do we expect from these La la land devotee's but control freak moves. Religion is based on opinion. Opinion is never fact.
These people believe their opinion is fact.
Crazy they are.

Capt. Fogg said...

It's time people realized that freedom of speech and most other freedoms are anathema to virtually every religion.

UCF, by the way is a private college with no religious affiliation - or so they claim. It's hard to believe the administration would go along with anything like expulsion, but you never know - this is Florida.

Insisting that transubstantiation is real, that a Jesus cookie is Jesus and that Jesus is being held hostage is beyond funny and if this kid had any guts - or sense of humor he would force them to press charges for kidnapping and blasphemy. The latter of course isn't illegal and kidnapping a dead mythological Jew in the form of baked goods would be a claim funny enough to smear that alleged university beyond redemption.

I've been insisting that insanity is the normal mental condition of humans and this is pretty damning evidence.

skip sievert said...

It would probably take a good secular humanitarian educational system... (neutral and objective) twenty years to really turn around our society.

That can not happen in a Price System as we have.

The real ''miracle'' will be if we can change out of this culture in to a good society using science based principles. Destruction is and chaos is the alternative now if a scientific system is not used as opposed to a political/religious system.

RR said...

Capt -- I totally agree: I too would love to see this case on the nightly news: "student brought up on charges: 'kidnaps' baked goods.

Absolutely perfect.