Friday, July 25, 2008

The Nixon Range...

New Low for Bush Approval - Behind the Numbers
New Low for Bush Approval

Another month, another new low for George W. Bush: Just 28 percent in the new Post-ABC poll approve of the way the president is handling his job. This marks a new career low in Post polling, and is the 40th consecutive month his ratings have been under 50 percent.

His negative rating has also hit a record, with 69 percent saying they disapprove of his job performance. And the percentage holding "strongly" negative views is up to 56 percent, another new high, and nearly fives time the number who "strongly approve."

I think the Fox News poll even had him around 27% ... I wonder what it would be without 911? Of course, he wouldn't have had the chance to screw up as magnificently as he has if it wasn't for the 01 terrorist attacks.

The truly amazing stat is that about 25% of of the populace still thinks he's doing ok


katarinas mama said...

The countdown has long ago begun...
I just need that t-shirt!

Here's something from our neck of the woods that I thought you'd like to view-

skip sievert said...

Reality is this. Bush is a hero. Bush has kept the Amerikan political Price System going. Bush has been rewarded for all his bad behavior..
Special Interest groups have laughed and sung their way to the bank.
Bush is rewarded by playing with and for the ''queens rules''.
In other words... Americans are saps that do not know their asses from a hole in the ground.
This country .. which could be great.. has kept an antique system that no longer works.
The only thing this system insures is the destruction of the world for dollar business.
YouTube - TBonePickensetc's Channel Technate videos.